Cape York 2006

1 - 30 July

9421 km

4,300 photos! - but only 536 shown here..

Getting there:

Planning started for CY06 in early 2005 and considerable planning sessions were required in order to actually get some planning done - much social activity occurred and this set the scene for the actual trip.

The general plan was to give it three big days to get to Cairns (ex Canberra), which we achieved without a problem - in fact, getting to Cairns mid afternoon on Day Three, in time for the kids to have a swim in the pool.

We had a great time, saw some amazing country, and did some great 4 wheel driving along the way - we all look forward to the next adventure!

We had many highlights on the trip, and these are described in the pages that follow.

The crew consisted of:

Steve and Sandy, Matt and Steph

90 Series (V6)

Steve and Rene

90 Series (V6)

Craig and Jo, Jordan and Tim

100 Series (TD)

Ian and Helen

100 Series (V8)

Ivan and Leanne, Adam, Matt and Ben

100 Series (V8)

The Itinerary:

Day 1

Canberra - Lightning Ridge

Day 2

Lightning Ridge - Clermont

Day 3

Clermont - Cairns

Day 4

Rest Day - Cairns

Day 5

Cairns - Noah  Beach (Cape Trib)

Day 6

Cape Trib - Roaring Meg Falls

Day 7

Roaring Meg Falls - Elim Beach

Day 8

Elim Beach - Archer

Day 9

Archer - Weipa

Day 10

Rest Day - Weipa

Day 11

Weipa - Eliott Falls

Day 12

Eliott Falls - Jardine River

Day 13

Jardine River Crossing - Seisia

Day 14

Rest Day - Seisia

Day 15

Seisia - Punsand Bay

Day 16

Rest Day - Punsand Bay

Day 17

Punsand Bay - Muttee Head

Day 18

Muttee Head - Sam Creek

Day 19

Sam Creek - Cooks Hut Camp

Day 20

Rest Day - Cooks Hut Camp

Day 21

Cooks Hut Camp - Laura

Day 22

Laura - Elim Beach

Day 23

Elim Beach - Lions Den Hotel

Day 24

Lions Den Hotel - Cairns

Day 25

Cairns and the Way Home...

Day 30

Cleanup!!! (and plans/recommendations for the next one..)

But wait, there's more!:


Sandy spent a lot of time putting some great pictures to sound - the result is well worth the 48Mb download - by the time you've finished you will feel like you were there with us!!

Other highlights:

Canopy Surfing - Cape Tribulation

Fishing - Weipa

The Old Telegraph Track

Reaching the Tip!

The Pub Page

Dirt Bike Riding

Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef

List of Lost, Broken, and other problems

Selected Video Clips


Other information:

Recommendations  for other travellers (and our next trip)

Track Files for Ozi Explorer

Fuel Usage

Ivan's Diff Repair Timeline

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