Mannalargenna Resource Page

Aboriginal Chief of the Cape Portland Tribe

Died 1835


Mannalargenna was the chief of the Ben Lomond tribe (Plangermaireener Nation). His wife was Tanleboneyer of the Sawnport tribe (Loontiternairerlehoiner Nation). Five children recorded; 1 son, 4 daughters. Son Neerhepeererminer. Daughters Woretermoeteyenner (aka Pung, Bung or Bong). Wottecowidyer (aka Wot, Wat, Harriet). Wobbelty. Teekoolterme.

Woretermoeteyenner was the mother of Dolly Dalrymple (b c. 1808 d 1/9/1864) and had four other children. This page is designed to be a resource for those researching Mannalargenna and his descendants, notably Dolly Dalrymple from whom my wife Leanne descends.

I have six documents online.

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