Lea's Holiday

Leanne visited family on the Central Coast and at Port Macquarie while I was in PNG

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Amber and Ben Anais and Ben at Port Macquarie Big Ben! - I can touch my toes!! Ben in his pram The boys with Uncle Glen - on board his yacht at Port Macquarie
Auntie Deb and Ben Lea with Ben Lea with all her boys - the little ones anyway! Matthew steering the yacht The Blacklock Yacht!
Adam and Matthew on deck The boys down below Ready to sail...

Miscellaneous Photo's

These are a couple of photo's which were lying about from our last roll...no particular order

Ben looking about The Blues Brothers All the boys on a friends pony The boys and Tommy having a snooze The boys on one of their 'trains'
Matthew, David and Adam - Canberra, May 00 Matthew and Ivan.jpg Lea and Ben hiding behind the dog!.jpg Lea on the horse Matthew and Tommy having a snooze


These photo's are from my recent trip (got back 2/6) to PNG. I was up there to help the police get their web page up, and while I was there took a couple of photo's!

These are the guys who were part of the training - we did do some work!! A lot of the crops are on near vertical mountain sides - cheap land I suppose! This is Konedobu ('Konnie') where the Australians live Port Moresby Harbour from the top of Burns Peak Notice the ship in the background - it ran aground on the reef pretty much the first day I was there, and still there when I left 10 days later.   Believed to be on autopilot - bit too close to harbour for that??? - We dived in Obelisk Passage which is part of the reef on the second day I was there
stall.jpg One of the art stalls around town This is one of the areas in Port Moresby - on stilts - inhabitants live from fishing in most cases The Olympic Flame, just outside Konedobu And again
A waterfall about 30 mins out of Port Moresby Inside the local - The Yacht Club - Col Healey in foreground A view from the Yacht Club balcony Presentation of mounted Kena shell by Supt Robert Palme (looks great!)

Following photo's from Bomana War Cemetery where most of our PNG war dead are buried - the site also for Anzac Day - would be second only to Gallipoli I think...

A wide view One of the headstones Headstones and more Headstones Headstones from the Temple
This monument describes the battle of the Kokoda Trail in English on the left and then in Pidgin on the right The visitors book at one end of the cemetery

Following photo's from Bomana Police College where Col Healey is working at the moment

Nothing wrong with the wheels on this lawn mower!! This is made of rocks on the mountain and the paint has faded - you can see how far they have got repainting Cadets on parade - the guy out the front has something to say!

Ela Beach Markets are on once a month - following photo's taken there..

dancers.jpg dancers2.jpg pngart.jpg pngart2.jpg pngart3.jpg

Pryde's Furniture make a lot of lovely furniture from Rosewood and Kwila - it can all be carved with either your own story or one of theirs. Lovely stuff

Craftsmen at work The side of a filing cabinet Georgia Groves next to the new carving block - Rosewood with Kwila block - I told her the next time she saw the photo would be on her dad's computer - she was happy with that! table.jpg