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Adam and Matthew were born a few days early (they were 29 weekers so I guess that's almost three months early!! Adam was 2lb 6oz (1088 gm) and Matthew was 3lb 1oz (1388 gm). They spent three weeks at the Mercy in Melbourne where they were born, and then another six weeks at Diamond Valley - we still took them home before they were really due to be born!! Adam was home for one day, and then into the Children's Hospital for a hernia - general anaesthetic - we camped there!!

Adam on Day One Adam was born looking like an old man - fur all over him Matthew's first introduction to Mum's nursing - chopped the end of his finger off with the scissors while doing his nails! This was called 'Kangaroo Cuddles' - good for warmth and bonding - they've grown now ;-) Matthew had to grow into his cheeks - they were about 12 months ahead of him!!
Lea's 30th birthday - the boys with their Grandfathers Gran The day we got their humidicribs together was great - up until then we had to share our time with each end of the room Matthew on Day One That's my wedding ring around Adam's bicep - imagine fitting a hand through there..

The boys in their first months

Biggles looking paternal - he's got his own now! Big twins and little twins!! The boys at seven months Aunty Cheryl and Anais with the boys The Sanders Men!
Mr Cool Toppy brought the boys their first Tigers jumpers - now staunch supporters and number three (Ben) has two of them to get dirty

Anna Bay

The beach at Anna Bay Dad with the boys One of the boys in the Anna Bay sand dunes (they move inland at the rate of 10m per year)


The boys spent three great years in Kambah (Canberra). Lots of fun camping and Rose Cottage etc. Tim and Di, Dawson's, Quinn's and Anderson's.

The boys with Cameron and Hayden Adam's bare bum - Camping with the Dawson's and Tim and Di at Orroral - he's actually got some 2 minute noodles stuck to his butt! Adam on his bike The family at the Aquarium Tim celebrated when he finished ATSOC
I followed! Dad and boys in the bath Boys on their recycled bikes Cameron, Hayden, Adam and Matthew Cool dudes at Floriade
The boys with Emma and Lauren in the cubby All the cousins Matthew on his bike Matthew at Orroral, camping The boys making mudcakes
The musical duo Still muso-ing Dad took this photo - his favorite - 'It's a good one, isn't it' The boys with Emma and Lauren on the trampoline The wheelbarrows - these were copied from a wheelbarrow that Leanne's grandfather made for Kent etc

Mark and Sally's wedding

The boys were page boys


Deanne, Michelle, Angela, Jak and Lea with the boys Jane's mob from the U.S. Lynda - what's that on her hat?? Matthew brushing his teeth at Nanna Wilma's - check the foot holds! Tim's contribution to the Wodonga newspaper on his 21st
Jake Quinn's Christenting Steve Haines and Ivan taking a break at the country racing All the cousins on the trampoline The boys in a treehouse on a weekend farmstay