Cape York - 2006

Day 9 - Archer - Weipa


As we left the Archer camp ground, we found a number of campers down at the river - a great setting, and free camping - planned to camp here on our return.  

The road was like a super highway and we made great time into Weipa, though Ivan and Lea suffering a rock missile into the windscreen that started a crack which ended up half the width of the screen - we got advice in Weipa to fill it in with clear nail varnish (maybe something to do with keeping moisture out of it??) - anyway, it stopped its growth and stayed the same length for the rest of the trip..

Once in Weipa, we got ourselves off for a swim in the pool, and readied ourselves for the fishing tour which was organised for the following day. We also did the Comalco Mine Tour which showed how the bauxite was harvested - Lea had decided not to go on the tour - probably a good choice.  One thing we did learn of interest, was the whole town is run on diesel generators!

Apparently Steve R asked where the recycling bins were, only to get back “we make aluminium why would we want it back??"

Craig had got some good oil on Red Beach where we could do some fishing, but we would have to be wary of crocs.    We went out there, and cast a few lures, used a bag of squid and prawns, but caught nothing - a couple of bites, but that was it. 

Interestingly, later in the trip we came across a (LCOOL) guy who saw three crocs in this very spot and another three under the long bridge which we had driven over to get there.

On the way home we were driving with Craig, when we hear Ivan talking to Rutman and the comment was about “Steve ‘Russell frickin Coight Adventures’ Rutter” - Ivan had followed Rutman out to the main drag, but Rutman was discovering new ground - one of his mystery tours again

Archer River campground is on a slope, with this water tank right up on the high ground - got pretty wet here a while back!

The roadhouse - bar is the front left - water tank above is to the right rear

Rutman was packed first, so played in his sandpit while he waited for the rest of us ;-)

The Archer River, just below the roadhouse - free camping - looks like croc country to me, but these guys have been here for a while..

This rock came at Lea like a bullet

We passed this fella on the road (anyone know what it is?)

Why you should not bring a Nissan on this trip..

Weipa Campground - the beach is just to the rear of the photographer

The mine tour in Weipa - they like women to drive these, (they did say why, but I wasn't listening!) - I did hear the bit where they pay them $90 K per year though!!

All the machinery at the mine runs 24 x 7 x 365

Conveyor belts transport from rail head to store, to ship

Down at Red Beach - Rutman showing Adam a few tricks

Matthew having a go

Dad just checking up ;-)

Dad's turn - the beach rod still in the car, so giving this one the what for to get some distance...

Ben, Matt and Adam - having no fun at all....

 Ben and Steph - collected a few shells while the big guys were busy

Ben had some left over

Sandy and Steph doing the artistic thing with the camera - Red Beach

And another tough sunset