Cape York - 2006

Day 8 - Elim Beach - Archer River


We woke to a lovely sunrise, and no-one was in a hurry to leave - Tim next door returned with a few crabs including a muddy, and the kids loved being able to have a play with them - then Dan returned from a fish and a couple of the boys sneaked a photo with a Trevally that he had caught.

The kids had been building a dam in a stream with Rutman, and the triple stage dam wall was washed away just as we were leaving.   Eddy mentioned to a couple of us (as we were driving out) that he thought we were staying for a bit longer - and that he had planned to make spears with the kids and then go hunting crabs - just confirmation that we had to come back on our return trip. An amazing fella who shows that with a bit of guts and determination, anyone can make something of nothing - all of the kids (and adults alike) were inspired by him.

We took a drive over the sand to get to Colored Sands where we took a few photos before moving on back to our geocache and picked up our hidden stores.  

Then is was on and up the track past Battle Camp, Old Laura for lunch, and on towards Archer River where we set up camp.

Tim counted 66 water crossings on the way up, not bad for the 'main road'.

We watched the rugby from the Archer bar beer garden, in shorts and with a beer - also had to ring Dick to let him know we were doing it tough.

Most of us had an Archer Burger which is a pretty reasonable feed - then off to bed for an early start in the morning.

Dan and Tim with a nice Tealeaf Trevally

Adam with one of Tim's muddies (alive!)

Matt G with Eddy

Colored Sands

Just one more vehicle line up ok ;-)

The view of the bay from Colored Sands

Colored Sands

One of Matthew's photo's on the beach

The cars lined up (again)

Driving along the beach

One of the washouts along the track between Hopevale and Elim

Much bigger from this angle!

A bridge in disrepair

Steve makes his way across..

Rutman on the log bridge on the way out

Ivan on same

As we leave Lakefield, we also leave the Alcohol Restrictions - so can go and recover our 'cache'

This bloke was far too happy, and was walking ALL over the road - he must have found our cache!

Craig and Jordan - found it safe and secure ;-)

Time to load up again

A roof rack which didn't make it..

Serious roadworks were found everywhere

And they do a damn good job!

A road train hoots down the road

You just have to stop - zero visibility for a few hundred metres behind them..

A crossing up the track

Mmm Mmmm