Cape York - 2006

Day 7 - Roaring Meg Falls - Elim Beach


We started the morning with a walk up to what really was Roaring Meg Falls - it is down a less obvious track from the camp site, and when you get to the end of the track, there is still a decent rock crawl to get to good viewing - well worth the walk, and we wondered how many had done what we had the night before, and thought the more accessible falls were Roaring Meg.....

We continued on for a beer at the Lion's Den Hotel near HelenVale - a must for anyone who travels past - there is a heap of character here, and we added this into one of the stops for our return trip.

We had lunch at Cooktown, with a beer in the beer garden, before going up to the lookout for the amazing 360 degree views of the surrounding area.

This was the last of any mobile reception - something we didn't realise for over a week and a half - we must be on holiday ;-)

On to Elim Beach which is in the Alcohol restricted zone of HopeVale - we implemented a 'geocache' of sorts, where anything over and above the carton of beer and 2 litres of wine was stashed in the scrub for pickup on our exit the day after.

Elim Beach turned out to be a favorite with all of us, and Eddy, the indigenous owner is an amazing fella - he had turned a swamp into the campground through carting sand in the back of his Hilux ute - he also showed us how the stem of a Black Boy can be used to ward off mossies and sand flies - and how you can eat the stem of the flower - the kids absolutely loved him, and for the second time that day, we made a change to our return trip - Elim Beach was a must as well.

Inside the Lions Den Hotel

  Powder magazine from the late 1800's, north end of Cooktown under Grassy Hill Lookout.

Panoramic views from the lookout at Cooktown - this one of the river behind the lookout

Cooktown itself from the lookout

Where everything else is....

This and the following, all views from the Cooktown lookout

Craig getting ready to rock and roll at Elim Beach

Jordan brings in the heavy artillery to help the younger guys build a multi level dam

Camp Everett