Cape York - 2006

Day 6 - Noah Beach - Roaring Meg Falls


The morning started with Helen providing some chuckle material - evidently Ian had needed to find a tree in the night to visit, and after an undetermined time afterwards, Helen had heard incoherent moaning and groaning outside her tent - It had taken more than a gentle prod from Helen to get him  to crawl back to his tent and bed.  Helen gave us a demo on Ian's crawl, and also how she guided him back home (with her foot ;-)

Fairly relaxed pack up this morning, a visit to the beach, Helen and Ian took the kids for a walk to the beach where Helen found a brilliant blue butterfly too wet to fly, carried it back and then when it dried let it go again.

The morning continued with some Canopy Surfing at Cape Tribulation - we met at PKs Chemist at Cape Trib - seems he just about has the town wrapped up - the bar/pool area look very inviting and would have been a raging location for the previous nights football had we known.   The camping areas are very small though.  

The Canopy Surfing is an amazing activity where we moved through the canopy of the rain forest via five separate flying foxes at varying heights - the guides giving us good information at each changeover point, and also letting us know how far from the ground we really were!

In addition to the flying fox harnesses, we all had to wear helmets, which already had names on them - for the trip, this was the name used by the guides..  For some of us this was probably appropriate - for some of us, maybe not - you decide ;-)


Penelope Pitstop
Daffy Duck


Uncle Fester
Papa Smurf

We continued on through the not so fortunate town of Wujal Wujal to Roaring Meg Falls - a campsite which had taken many months for Lea to organise the permits for due to the cyclone and the need for approval from the 'traditional owners'.

Wujul Wujul was the first of a few Aboriginal communities we went through, it’s a bit confronting in a few ways. Just to be sure we didn’t miss anything the first time and to the amusement of a few locals we made a wrong turn and ended up driving through the centre of town for a second time

For anyone looking for this campsite, the turnoff is some seven kilometres from where it is shown on the map - the turnoff is right before the gate to the Creb Track (generally closed).

We walked up to what we thought were the falls, before going back to camp when the rain started - we got tarps up quickly and Ivan and Lea cooked their pizza in the camp oven in the rain ;-)

We sat under Steve and Sandy's tarp and contemplated the next day over more than one wine..

Sunrise over Noah Beach

Ian on a morning walk with Steph

The view up the beach

Noah Beach from the Cape Trib Road

The two Matt's - they look like they're all bombed up and ready to go to war!!

And OFF they go ;-)

Jo and Tim take the 'leap of faith'

Ben all strapped up and ready for action

Hanging in mid air - waiting for his partner

The two Matt's strapped up and negotiating the course

Right through the canopy, at quite a reasonable speed - well worth the visit

Iceman 'ready to party'!

Muttley, Uncle Fester, Gonzo, Papa Smurf and Donkey
Matthew, Ivan, Ben, Leanne and Adam

Iceman, Penelope Pitstop, Shrek and Smurfette
Jordan, Ian, Tim and Jo

One of the tree houses used as a switching station

One of the longest (and fastest) runs we did


Matthew ready for another course

Leanne doing the last leg - upside down!

Steve G

Tim doing it in style

Onward!! - a nice crossing on the Bloomfield Track

And another

The view from a high spot on the track - no crocs...

NOT what we were looking for..

We were looking for Roaring Meg Falls, but its nowhere near where it is marked on the map - it is at the Creb Track gate - see below..

The Creb Track gate - we were very disappointed it was closed..

The sign close up - we don't want that fine!

The kids at Roaring Meg