Cape York - 2006

Day 5 - Cairns - Noah Beach (Cape Tribulations)


Day Five started with driving out past Cairns Motorcycle Tours where a trip was organised for our return on 26 Jul.   We continued on to Mossman Gorge where we got out for a walk - photo's below.

Rutman, Steve G and Ivan pushed on to the village of Daintree where we found that the Creb Track was still closed, and probably would never open to vehicles again - this was a big disappointment,as it had been a major planning focus right from the start..

Sandy found Ivan a stubby cooler with his name, decided to hide it in my pocket till he left to pay for it. Only to be accused of stealing it We returned to go over the ferry, where there was a huge lineup - since Craig and Ian were a good half hour in front of us, we made up for it by having lunch whilst in the line - the sight of a moving car in the line, with the back open, and salad sangas being made was a laugh for more than one motorist..

We continued on to the Daintree where we checked out the walk through the forest - after that, moving on to our camp at Noah Beach.   Lovely camping in the rainforest (in dedicated bays), with the beach just 50m walk away.

Dramas though - even though Ian and Helen had booked before we left, someone was in one of our camp sites - we didn't want to just camp in the next site, or otherwise we would just snowball the problem.   Ian and Helen drove off to call the ranger, who advised that we should remove the tent and gear - not something we were comfortable with - but in the meantime the owners rolled up and happily moved their gear - unfortunately they were in the same boat as us - someone had camped in their spot!

We listened to the footy, and somewhere in the events, a bottle of Stones and cask of port was consumed - most of us talking in tongues and stepping over logs around the campsite.

Matthew, Ben and Adam at Mossman Gorge

Some very clear water happening here

Ivan and Lea

Steve and Rene

Matt, Sandy, Steph and Steve

Matthew, Ivan, Adam, Lea and Ben at Mossman Gorge

Steve and Steph on the way back over the swing bridge

The Daintree Ferry

What a line up!!

Best make up for some time - build some lunch in the queue

Walk??  Nah..

The tree house in the Daintree - you can walk from level to level and through a combination of book and audio commentary, there are descriptions of everything in the area

Some of the vines on trees in the Daintree

A Vine which has killed the tree it once climbed, but the vine itself still remains

A view over the top of the canopy

A view down to the board walk below

Jordan listening to the audio

Lea demonstrating the 'greeny' in her...

A lovely stream from above

A lookout after the Daintree

And the view the other side of the car park

Cow Bay Pub

The girls look on as the kids play pool

There's the biggest kid - on the left ;-)     - check out the round table at the back

Steph, Ivan, Tim, Ben, Adam, Matthew, and Matt G - Geocaching at Noah Beach

Getting closer ....   - Unfortunately it led us into the rainforest where we had trouble getting a good fix - everything pointed to a very large tree in the area, but we couldn't find any treasure ;-(

Jordan missing his footy already - best build some goals

As the sun starts to go down, best the old man has first shot ;-)