Cape York - 2006

Day 3 - Clermont - Cairns


We were up early and had left Clermont by 0600 - the earliest day on our calendar

Most of us stop for breakfast at Belyando Crossing where the kids had a ball with a pet cockatoo

We got into Cairns by mid afternoon - when we drove past the Cairns Coconut Caravan Resort and saw the 'jumping pillows', pool and playground, the kids just went Oooh, Aaaaah, Woohhhhhh!!  

The prospect of two days here made up for the three long days in the car - for them and also for us. The park is 4wd heaven, with every type of 4wd, modification, trailer and van imaginable (oh, and boats too!) - all of them either just starting their trip, or just returning - just look at their car to work out which! - everyone very very friendly and lots of beers and chats out the front of the campsites.

We got ourselves set up, and went into the Esplanade to find some tea..   We walked past everything, finding nothing, so did another lap getting back to Barnacle Bill's where we got a seat and sat down - only to find that there was nothing on the menu under $30 - and there were 17 of us, 10 of those being kids - we pondered what to do, but there was only one option - we made our apologies to the waitress who had just set the table, and poured the water (and the kids had had enough time to handle all the knives, forks and plates ;-)

We explained to the chief waiter (whose eyebrows were bristling), that down home, Barnacle Bill's is a cheap family restaurant (which he immediately agreed that he wasn't) - we found a food court quickly, got some takeaway and sat in the park to eat it.

Stopped on the side of the road - a nice scenery shot of a mountain range in the rear

Not enough room for two...

By golly, that's mud - at one of the rest stops

Passing through Innisfail - most hurt during Cyclone Monica

A well timed shot!

And another

Mat, Steph and Ben on the jumping pillows - a favorite with the kids