Cape York - 2006

Day 24 - Lions Den Hotel - Cairns


Ivan and Lea (Seisia):

We moved our gear out of the villa at Seisia because they had no more room, and into the car, (which we also had to change) - someone else had booked the troopy so we were downsizing to a Hilux - looking forward to getting our own car back!

Got in to see Andy, and the car booking had been cancelled, so we get to keep the troopy - got back to Seisia, and they had rejigged the rooms again - we get to keep the villa ;-)

Lea spent some time at the Bamaga pool while Ivan sorted some phone calls (Warranty etc)

Back down to the wharf for some more fishing - one of the guys caught a Wolf Herring, and used it as live bait - interesting watching the sharks get interested, and then chomping to within 2mm of the first gang hook - the guy had an 80lb braided line so it would have been an interesting battle.

Ivan's birthday today - had a curry for tea with wine, and Matthew baked a cake.

Steve and Sandy, Craig and Jo:

Eddie's brother came down with a spear he had made for Tim. (not free of course - he has to live after all!). We think he made the spear for Tim because he thought Tim was a lot older than he really is (afterall Tim is a pretty tall guy).  He then must have felt sorry for Jordan and said that if we could hang around a bit in the morning he would make one for him as well. 

We told him we would hang around and promptly arranged with Sandy and Steve that one of the spears should be for Matt.    That night we all enjoyed self saucing pudding fresh from the Everett Hill Billy and another fire built by Jordan. 

The next morning the Gunderson's left with spear strapped on and one very happy Matt.  We  said our goodbyes as Steve and Sandy left to visit Sandy's parents in Townsville.  The Everett's left a bit later, Tim leaving a little surprise for Eddie on the beach.

Ivan and Lea's Photo's:

The boys with candles of Ivan's birthday cake

The villa and the troopy - our alternate accommodation and transport for a week..

The Rest of the Crew's Photo's:

Tim's present for Eddie