Cape York - 2006

Day 22 - Laura - Elim Beach


Ivan and Lea (Seisia):

Saturday today, so no car action as the diff is lost in transit - see Timeline
We spent our day between fishing at the wharf, popping back out to Andy to check on the car progress, visit the Croc Tent, and do some shopping.

The drama with the car is that Cairns Toyota still haven't received the diff from Sydney - they don't have the Con Note number, and TNT don't know where it is.   Sydney Toyota should have the Conn Note number - but that is the warehouse, and on a Saturday, they won't be open.   Need to wait till Monday to chase it up...  Frustrating..  Andy has had to put the front end back together to get it off the ramp so that he can fix some other breakdowns...

Full Diff Repair Timeline here..

Ian and Helen:

Left the group this morning to return home via some Cairns activities, and then family on the Sunshine Coast.

The Rest of the Crew:

We headed down to the Split Rock gallery and had a squiz at the aboriginal rock art (no photo's allowed). It was here that we said our goodbyes to the Bennett's as they were heading off to look at the remains of the rail bridge and then onto Cairns early.

We were surprised when we saw them in our mirrors as the bridge wasn't a great drawcard and they decided to head south straight away. When we all arrived at Lakeland the Bennett's went south and the remainder headed north to Cooktown. Fuel, grog and food were purchased at Cooktown and we headed back up to Eddie's place at Elim Beach
When we arrived this time the tide was out, boy was it out.  The remainder of the afternoon was spent walking the beaches and relaxing. Jordan got a fire going in the Everett camp and got nice coals early so both the Everett and Gunderson family's could cook. Jo cooked up a late afternoon tea of scones, jam and cream for all to share.  Steve R started a fire on the beach but the tide came up and flooded it, not once but twice! (But he KNOWS Fire!)   It was a very high tide with the Everett's concerned their tent was going to be washed away!

Ivan and Lea Photo's:

Matthew tackling the only croc we saw all holiday - it's stuffed!

The boys with 'their kill'

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew:

Say no more..

I guess this is where it gets its name from!

and again

Eddie's dog looking for dinner

Matt and Tim - Low tide

And again

Concerned they might get their tent washed away - Camp Everett..