Cape York - 2006

Day 2 - Lightning Ridge - Clermont


The drive to Clermont was long and once again uneventful - we had left Lightning Ridge at 7am, and arrived at Clermont after dark after some very long and straight stretches of road. - some 930 km to be completed today.

Lunch at Injune driver reviver, some of us are starting to change into warmer clothes and the temperature increases.

Once we had our tents up, the local pub was the place for tea - Lea got a group game of Keno happening, and Ivan and Matthew very nearly had Rutman and Adam doing a lap around the pool table - unfortunately not to be ;-)

Sandy showers in the men's by accident - but it was how she realised she was in the mens that is the worst part - a story that has to be told by Sandy herself....

Parked on the side of the road - still looking very clean!

Yep - we made it to Queensland on Day Two!

The road behind us

One long straight road!

Move aside - coming through!

She's only just perched on there!

An emu with some young friends

One of many beautiful sunsets

And minutes later, a different color, with the outline of a roofrack and vehicle on the way North.