Cape York - 2006

Day 17 - Punsand Bay - Muttee Head


Ian popped around to change his tyre - he had driven past something sharp which had made a number of slice marks on the outside of the tyre, but one of them was quite deep - lucky for the thick sidewalls on the MTR!

Craig and Jo were off on their fishing and snorkelling charter and would meet us the next night at Sam Creek.

Ivan still had to get his tyre replaced, but was still waiting for it to be shipped up from Cairns - we spent the morning at the pool, followed by a beer at the Bamaga Pub - now that's an education!

Steve and Sandy had continued out to Muttee Heads with Ian and Helen.
Ivan and Rutman had a beer in the Bamaga Pub - an education in itself, and I bet there are some stories to be told by those walls!!

By 3pm the tyre was fitted, and we were on the road.   We took a shortcut which ended up in a diversion through a creek crossing - with water over the bonnet! - lucky we saw the council guys do it first - in a Cruiser without snorkel ;-)

We had intermittent comms with Ian on the way in, and they had headed back to Seisia for the night.

When we got to where Steve and Sandy were, it was not Muttee Head (as that was already taken - but they are lovely camping spots with a couple of shelters just for the record). - but Muttee Head South - it was right on the river bank, and with the way the water was at low tide, with a couple of pools just below us - the kids were able to play in the water safely.

The boys went for a drive along the beach, and found a number of places where turtles had crawled up the beach - we got as far as the point, but had to turn back as there was no way over the rocky beach.

The sunset going down was just beautiful - Ivan was down by the beach throwing a lure with the boys, and yelled out "Bats" - over to the right was the point of the Jardine River - there had been a loud racket (cackle, squawk, etc), and right on sundown.   There must have been a thousand bats fly from their home in the trees and over our camp - quite eery.  

Then, all of a sudden we were hit by a wall of marauding mosquitoes - we went back to a combination of military training, and the advice from Eddy at Elim.

We set up four positions on the track, and one on either flank, with firelighters, heat beads and the 'bark' off the black boy that Eddy had given us - Matthew kept them going all night, and we weren't troubled by mossies again.

The night was lovely, and one of those that just went on forever.   We were in a great position overlooking the river, with the stars shining brightly.   Had a great evening with the kids all dancing, even the Steve’s both joined in

This was a great camp site (though only enough for four campsites comfortably) and we all wished that a few more of them had been as remote as this one.

Notes from Ian's Diary

After our Usher Point adventure, the group was looking for an alternative location for our last night at the tip. Muttee Head looked promising and "The Cape York Book" had a good write up about the area. Ivan had a tyre to sort out so Helen and I decided to do the recce and headed off.

Muttee Head was chockers so we headed for Muttee Head South and the vegetation closed in again; we were feeling there was something about us and leading the push!!!

Muttee Head South is located near the mouth of the Jardine River and had a number of camp sites available; most importantly, the sandy banks leading to the river were very steep so the chance of crocs paying us a visit was virtually none.

We had lunch and by the time Steve and Sandy arrived, we had been joined by another couple in a Britz camper. The wind had come up which limited my opportunity to cast a fly and the lure (pun intended) of a hot shower was too much, so Helen and I decided to head back to Seisa for the night.

Steve and Sandy headed further down the track to find a site that would fit everyone else.

We went for an evening walk to the Jetty at Seisa and witnessed the locals pulling in Sardines by the bucket full. When we said we were fishing here a few days ago using the same jigs and got very little, they just smiled and shrugged their shoulders. Local knowledge!!!

Found on Steve and Rene's tent - Is this Rutman before he turned into Rene's prince???

Our morning tyre inspection - Ivan's where the tyre had lost air and then been squashed between rim and rock

Ian's brush with something sharp

Out on their day out - Tim isn't enjoying himself ;-)

Jordan with a nice Queenfish

Tim, Jordan and Craig doing the snorkel thing

Jordan ready to go

Jo, Tim and Jordan after their day out - nope - they didn't have any fun ;-)

Low tide

Ian checked out the old WW2 radar installation

Helen doing it hard at Muttee Head

One of the supply ships at Seisa wharf

Ivan and Steve at Bamaga Hotel

And then Old Mate jumped in!

Driving through the detour to Muttee Head

From inside the Rutmanmobile..

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew are at Muttee Head - lovely spot!