Cape York - 2006

Day 16 - Rest Day - Punsand Bay


Ivan and Lea, and Steve and Sandy had booked a fishing tour with Bat, the local tour operator, but it didn't start until after lunch.

Note from Sandy's Diary:   Relaxed morning not!  Had an egg breakage two days ago. Scrubbed the carpet with detergent but there is a definite smell in the drawer I took every thing out only to discover tiny maggots (yuck) so we scrubbed the drawer out, ended up ripping out the carpet to get rid of the smell. 
Ivan and Lea went off into town to talk tyres again, and buy some supplies.

Ian and Helen moved off to Ussher Point where we were going to go the next day.

After lunch, Steve and Sandy took their 2 1/2 hours with Bat and had a lovely trip - they got onto a couple of fish, but didn't quite reel them in.   Bat included a tour past the monument on Possession Island where Capt Cook took possession of the East Coast of Australia.

At about 4pm, they returned, and it was Ivan and Lea's turn - Adam got onto a Barracuda, but with its razor sharp teeth, it was able to chomp the line and push on - that was the only close one we had unfortunately.

We finished up right on sunset at the tip again, where Bat let us use his digital camera to take some lovely photo's of the sunset.

Back home where Sandy was cooking up a hotpot with enough for everyone - Craig and Jo came over with some pancakes, and Ivan and Lea had sticky date pud and custard to share.  

Rutman and Rene were up at the bar talking to the Stay Upright motorbike tour guys, but we were all just far too whacked to even contemplate going up!   Absolutely chockers, we all hit the wall and went to bed shortly after.

Ivan dreamt a conversation with Ian! - after confirmation the next morning, it turns out it actually happened - Ian and Helen had tripped off to Ussher Point, but the track in had been very very narrow, and the camp site almost non existent, with just enough room to turn around.

They had returned to Punsand Bay, arriving at 1030 pm and staying in a cabin of sorts rather than put the tent up.

Steve and Rene spent the afternoon horse riding at Lockerbie

Ivan, Lea and boys from the Tip - water side..

Spot the Difference!

A couple were well set up to experience the tip at sunset (I reckon he was popping the million dollar question!)

Some views of the sunset - this doesn't capture half the colors we really saw..



Meanwhile!! - Ian and Helen had gone out to Ussher Point..

The road is pretty rutted!

Some trees in the way

And that track is just getting tighter!!

The camp site! - just enough room for a three point turn!

Meanwhile, back at Punsand Bay, Craig and Jo snapped this one - "we can still do this trip again even if its not until we get really really old"