Cape York - 2006

Day 15 - Seisia - Punsand Bay


Today we were moving off to Punsand Bay, but the guy in the Croc Tent had given us some advice on the "Five Beaches Drive" out to Somerset which is where the Jardine family first lived when they settled the area.   It was via five small bays or sand drives, with a drive over each point to get to the next bay.   We ended up at Fly Point where we had morning tea, and saw a couple of turtles and some fish, and shark in the waves - well worth the drive and views..

Just around the corner is Somerset, although there is very little there now - a turn just a few metres further on took us down to the Jardine graves and a lovely camp site with no facilities - if we had known of this, it would have been nice to stay there.   We had lunch before setting off to walk over the mangroves and then the rocks around the point looking for a cave with aboriginal rock art.

The going wasn't that hard, but it was certainly 'rock hopping' as was described by the guy in the Croc Tent - the art was lovely and well worth the walk.   We found a crevice in the rock where there were baby bats squawking - they looked only a day or two old.

We got back to Punsand Bay and set up camp - Ivan and Lea and Steve and Sandy taking advantage of the Seafood Smorgasbord up at the bar for tea.   Between Oysters Kilpatrick, Calamari, Crab, Cray and Croc, there wasn't too much we were left wanting for - before sitting down and watching the footy - there wasn't too many games we missed out on - just seemed to be a telly whenever a game was on - Australia flogged South Africa so that was a good day ;-)   Once again, the logs had been laid out for us to walk over.

Steve with some articulation

On the way out to the tip, or Punsand, you go past the Croc Tent (at Lockerbie)

Grave of a Japanese pearl diver

Some of the headstones at Somerset

A 'tunnel' on the way out to Fly Point

The beaches out here were beautiful

Another piece of paradise

Got our wheel marks on it now! - time for another lineup

Another bay on the 'five bay drive'

Punsand Bay is a nice spot

The beach at Punsand

The bar/restaurant at Punsand

Ian and Ivan trying to work out Ian's new R&R Beadbreaker