Cape York - 2006

Day 14 - Rest Day - Seisia


Today we were off to the tip!   We travelled up there via some lovely tracks, after Rutman had taken us for a tour around a track he had found near Umagico.

The walk from the car park to the tip was firstly over a boardwalk which opened up into a large open area - we didn't realise at the time, but you can get your vehicles into there, probably via the beach.

Today was Sandy's birthday, and Tim and Ivan were both having theirs while we were away, so Lea had organised a huge cake for all three of them - we did the Happy Birthday thing here, and then walked over the rocks to the tip where we ate the cake, and took the obligatory photo's of the group by the sign at the top.

Interesting where people have created piles of stones into varying size piles - most looking like pyramids (with a round base).
On the way back, Ivan, Steve and Rutman took the back track past Punsand  Bay which had some nice water crossings.   Ivan walked the water, and Lea drove the lead vehicle so she did very well.

We left Rutman and Rene at Punsand Bay where they had decided to camp the night in advance of the main group.

Steve and Ivan continued on past the Croc Tent where we checked out some souvenirs and had a pie at Lockerbie.   The guy from the Croc Tent is well worth a chat and he gave us a map with a few drives and walks that we could do over the next day or two - one of them was a drive down a track not far from there which followed a river (we were hoping to see a croc) - but we couldn't find one - although we did see some small barra in the river.   Steve turned around in some soft sand and got stuck (only just, but enough to need a snatch - and owe the obligatory round at the bar when we got to the Lions Den!!!).

Ian had heard us on the radio "snatch, sand, pull" - and wanted to know what was going on - "all good mate - we just got another round of beer at the pub" ;-)

We made it!

Lea had organised a cake for us all to have on the tip

With 'candles' - we tried to blow them out!

The birthday boys and girl - Tim, Ivan and Sandy

Some of the mounds on the track to the tip

The crew

Look - we're over here!!

The girls
Sandy, Jo, Steph, Helen, Rene and Lea

The boys
Matthew, Adam, Ben and Matthew

The 'other' boys
Ian, Steve, Craig, Jordan, Tim, Ivan and Rutman

The girls made us do it! - our CY06 undies in fine form - the passing onlookers all had a chuckle

Ivan and Steve went looking for crocs

Steve found sand and needed a pull

Say no more!

A bush turkey (thousands of them), into a coconut the boys had split open

Ian doing his fly thing

The sea cargo - Ivan's tyre maybe??