Cape York - 2006

Day 13 - Jardine River Crossing - Seisia


We paid our $88 to get across the river crossing, and headed up the 50 km towards Bamaga - on the way, we took the turnoff to look at the WW2 plane wrecks which are well documented.

We pushed off into Bamaga where Ivan organised through Cape York Spares and Repairs (highly recommended) to get a new tyre shipped in.   We met the rest of the crew at the bakery, where we bought them out of meat pies and sausage rolls.

Craig had rung Richie from Hume Offroad about his broken shock, and Richie arranged to have one shipped direct from Melbourne to be delivered the next day..  Can't complain about the service! (as it happened, the shock didn't arrive until the Monday due to the remote delivery location, and when it got there, it was a front shock).   For the rest of the trip, Craig travelled with a standard Toyota shock in the rear - just as well we had bought it!!

Onwards to Seisia Caravan Park - we were hoping for a swimming pool, and had also checked out Loyalty Beach - neither had one - but Seisia had the added advantage of the wharf where the kids could fish - the setting at Seisia was nice, and we also got a hut with a sink and 240v which was useful.

It was very (very) hot, so we sat under four palm trees, and had the odd beer or two, while we waited for it to cool down - the girls all got their washing done through a couple of machines, and out to dry.  

We headed off to the wharf - none of us caught anything significant - though the locals had no problem at all getting the trevally which seemed to be abundant.   The bait fish swam in their thousands, turning the water black, and the kids had fun jigging to catch them.

Lined up for the ferry

The engine of one of the planes

The DC3

Close up of the plaque

Bakery on the right side of the road (out of picture) - pub to the front

Seisia wharf - lots of fishing happening here

Bait fish in their plenty - kids loved getting on to them

Steve and Rene enjoy the sunset on Seisia Beach