Cape York - 2006

Day 11 - Weipa - Eliot Falls


Dropped into Weipa AutoElectrics looking for Sam (from Exploroz) to thank him for all his local knowledge provided through the forum.   This was great for our preparation, and we just wanted  to touch base - unfortunately he was out, so left him a note instead.

Today was going to be another tough one in the office - it started out by heading out along the Batavia Downs track - a shortcut to the Old Telegraph Track which we were severely looking forward to - it didn't let us down - there are some absolutely beautiful river crossings, each of them so very different from the last.  

A fairly sedate morning until just before Moreton Telegraph Station when Steve and Sandy started having no drive in D, we had to start in L then go to 2nd and then to D, quick look at the Gregory’s and found what looks like the problem but pushed on to Morton for lunch and quick repair. Turn out a solenoid connector wasn’t pushed in properly Rutman picked one of three exits to get out of Mistake Creek and got stuck high and dry - using the snatch strap was going to cost him a round at the Lions Den - we ended up pushing him off - but only after first confirming that he would still pay!! - and then there was Gunshot!    For those not wanting to do it, there is a bypass track, but it is still worth driving in to have a look at what all the fuss is made about.

Steve G went first, followed by Rutman and Ivan - the entry closely monitored - Steve and Rutman in the skinny 90s were OK (just), but Ivan in the fatboy 100 was almost touching either side - the exit on the other side of the crossing was interesting as well - with one wheel lifted to a nice height as full articulation was reached by all vehicles.   

Ivan heard later on of two vehicles needing serious mechanical attention where the car before had left either large rocks or logs submerged in the mud - used to help them exit the mud at the bottom - but left after their exit, and the following car left to nosedive into the submerged solid mass...   Not a nice surprise..

We had planned to camp at Gunshot, but it isn't much of a camp, so we pushed on to Eliot Falls for our camp for the night - for a track which had been very quiet all day, Eliot was amazingly full as we only just found enough camp sites for our vehicles.  

Half serious rain pushed us into putting tarps up, but by next morning it had all but cleared up.

Today was the last day of Ivan and Lea having a camera - it refusing to turn on after the day out on the boat yesterday - at least we still had all of the photo's!

Tomorrow is Day Two of the OTL - and we look forward to it with much anticipation!

The Batavia Downs Track has a nice little crossing - Rene taking the lead and showing Rutman how to do rivers - she KNOWS rivers ;-)

Ian coming across

Craig finding a hole (I think he was looking for it!!)

Another crossing - mud, glorious mud ;-)

Just short of Moreton Telegraph Station is the Wenlock

What is that sign in the tree??

That is flood waters!

Some advertising for Richie

Sitting on the Wenlock Bridge - not very high at the moment

The Thong post - behind is a slab table - a photo on the wall shows just half of the slab above water in flood

The ant hills at Bramwell Junction

Inconspicious - but this was it!

Rutman at Palm Creek

Rutman's BFG Muddies providing ultimate traction at Mistake Creek

Lets snatch him from the front

Nup - didn't move

Rutman clearing some sand from his rear - we'll snatch him backwards

No mate - keep digging - more to go ;-)

Craig into the 'dips'

And out of them

and back in - muddier, and muddier!!

Craig - "I'm not having any fun - I wanna go home" (not likely!)

Steve G on his way down

Rutman on his way up

A nice crossing

This was the line up point to cross the river (out of sight to the right)

Now this was one to remember

Ivan, Rutman and Craig were checking out the approach - solid slab rock bottom - but with a drop off to the right - it went from about 200mm

to about 1200mm! - Ian wandered over and didn't see the drop off

The rest of the boys are very concerned and rush over to help him out

Ivan lifting a wheel

Steve providing some weight to push the front down,,,,  well,,,   sortof ;-)

Rutman on as well (now its moved!!), and Craig on his way to lend a hand

By golly - we've been waiting for this one!

We're not the first ones here though...

Boys - this isn't straight forward - we need a plan!

There's the old way

The other old way

The soft way - but that crap at the bottom - Ivan walked in it and had to be pulled out - it was like quicksand and glue in one...

Steve G is first to line up - Ivan and Craig fill his head full of well meaning advice ;-)


Rutman edges over

Once the back wheels are over, its no return - not that that was ever an option!!

Yep - he's done it!

a happy chappy

Ivan's turn in the fatboy 100 Series

Nearly there!! (sliding!!)

Watch out for the bow wave

<>Hang on - I'm on it!

Lifting a wheel on exit

A tree to the front right meant a slight turn up the slope

These boys had a very wet bike, and floppy legs from trying to start it - a tow was a pretty attractive option!

Just short of Eliot Falls