Cape York - 2006

Day 1 - Canberra - Lightning Ridge


The day started early at Rutman's request - leaving our respective homes at 0500 and meeting on the highway out of Canberra for a group photograph before we hit the road proper.

We hit Maccas for breakfast at Cowra and then we were on the road again - a relatively short day today - some  750km to  knock over.

From Sandy's Diary:   8:09am – Helen used the CB (the Man Thing) for the first time

We all stopped at the Golden Arches in Cowra for a quick breakfast and toilet stop and then pushed on to Gilgandra for lunch in a park, and the kids entertained themselves by signalling to passing semis to honk their horns, interesting that no one was honking until the biggest kids walked away!  Craig managed to leave a donation at the park – one stubby cooler.
The day was otherwise uneventful until we hit Lightning Ridge, when we scampered up to the bore - a man made pool running at  52  deg C.   Beautiful! - we also found what we had or hadn't bought from Canberra.

Ivan and Lea found that they were without tent poles (for the second time in 12 months - gotta fix that load list!) - luckily he had enough ordinary extendable poles, and sorted the centre tent pole by using a spoon to take the load, and bending the handle at right angles, taping it down the pole.   This lasted the rest of the trip, so was a good fix.

Ian and Helen found their tent borderline unusable from mould - the result of son number two borrowing the tent and packing it away 'not quite dry' some weeks before - the girls got into clean up mode directly, and they all started scrubbing the tent - the boys going off to pay their bill for the night, but getting waylaid at the bar on the way home - well, we couldn't walk past it, and those girls were going to be a while!

At any rate, this was the recce for the bar, and we all ended up there next to the roaring fire, with the kids playing pool.  By the end of the night there was more than one person speaking in tongues and stepping over logs - Bundy on tap will do that to you ;-)

Lined up at the meeting place - Barton Hwy, Hall - 0500!!

Headed for warmer climes!

Ian and Helen's 'surprise'

And closer

It was just in time - the tent was saved - with a lot of scrubbing from all of the girls..

The bore bath - 52 deg!

The girls watching on

Those eyes Rutman - you're on a downhill slide to disaster ;-)
Steve G 'hanging loose'