Stories From Our Family – Past and Present


 The following surnames are our direct line.   That is, I am a Sanders, my mother being a Tinley.   Leanne was a Ritch, and her mother was a Walker.


Richard Sanders was my father’s elder brother.   He was killed in a fighter crash in WW2.   This page is still under development and will soon have photo’s of him and his plane as well as some stories.

The Richard Sanders Story



Jock RITCH is my Leanne’s paternal grandfather. He was born in Deerness on the Orkney Islands of Scotland. He travelled to Sydney when he was 18 (early 1920's). From there he lived in a number of places and married twice. His second marriage was to Elizabeth BLUE who was Leanne’s grandmother.

The Jock Ritch Story


The Walker’s played a large part in the heritage of Tasmania.   Leanne’s fifth great grandfather was an Aboriginal chief (Mannalargenna), and his grand daughter (Leanne’s third great grandmother), was Dolly Dalrymple – awarded land as a result of defending an attack from marauding aborigine’s for over six hours.

The Mannalargenna Story

The Dolly Dalrymple Story