Christmas 2001

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Michelle's Birthday

Lea and Ivan Benny Boy with Mum Benny Boy Deb, Wilma and Lea Kent and Michelle
Wilma, Lea and Ben

The Presents

Adam woke up at 3am with a sore tummy “And Santa's been Mummy” - I thought that would be the end of our sleep, but he woke again at 6:30 so that was OK. Mum and Dad were staying with us so we said the usual “You can open ONE present” - it was a mask and snorkel - not much good at 6:30 in the morning, so we said “You can open ONE more” - it was a bubble blowing gun... ;-(. Adam says “Dad, I think I've got the wrong sack - I didn't ask for a bubble gun!!”

Adam and Matthew checking out whose was whose before the day Ben owns the place as you can see Ben's doing OK by himself!! Batman and Robin (Adam and Matthew). Matthew all dressed up in his Batman suit, hat and glasses from Auntie Di
Cousin Presents Cousin Presents

Miscellaneous Photo's

Christmas was at our place so a great way to have an unofficial housewarming!!

The Christmas Table - Dad, Wilma (just), Mum, Anais, Ben, Matthew, Cheryl, Lea and Glen Emma, Cheryl, Lea and Deb - oh oh - over the fence Michelle with a fake tattoo - not many without one by the end of the night Jake on his board Anais and Benny Boy
Luke and his board Emma and friend Cheryl Glen Deb
Kent Ben is having trouble going to bed so now we close the door - after a lot of banging and mucking about, he finally got in by himself and must have read a book!! Adam and Matthew checking out the chuckle! Deb and Lea's birthday cake - they weren't really 40, but I got to order the cake.

By the Pool

The boys by the pool. When we got here in October, both boys couldn't swim without a bubble on their back - within two weeks they were doing laps - I told them both to do four laps, and Matthew came out saying he had done 14! Ben loves it and as soon as someone else is in, he's got his nappy off. He loves jumping in and can swim (Ben style) the width of the pool. He doesn't put his head up for air, and if he's running out he starts shaking his head furiously ;-)

All the kids are in there somewhere Matthew, Ben (cranky) and Adam Matthew, Ben (not cranky) and Adam Matthew, Ben (definitely not cranky) and Adam Adam and Matthew getting amongst it
Adam with his shark mask from Uncle Glen

New Year's Eve

We took the boys down to The Entrance for New Years Eve - couple of bands (mainly for kids), and fireworks.
No one was going to stop Adam getting on the stage Adam and Ben - Adam's doing ... Ben being a goose The old fairy floss tug of war I got it!!
Don't you love it when it's someone elses Jak and Ben Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks