Miscellaneous Photo's - August 2002

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Miscellaneous photo's

The boys - doing their good look thing Ivan and Dad The boys playing up Ben fell asleep - no nappy - I think he might have been hungry?? We do feed him - sometimes..
The boys all dressed up - Pizza Hut for a treat tonight

We had a UN Party for Ivan's birthday. Click here to see an invitation - we had a bit of fun!!
Ivan and Lea - I was the Secretary General of the United Nations - Kofi A. Annan - see invite.. Dick and Elyse - Ambassador's of Hawaii Todd and Lyndell - Ambassador's of India Ambassador of India, serving up his local fare to the troops Chatting out the back..
Ivan and Lea Deb showing Ivan how it's done Ivan having a go.. Dick and Gary with the recipe book out - they're not cooking!! Tim, Dick, Kent and Ivan
Deb, Ralph and Vanessa talking it up Some old fools on the dance floor - The Bus Stop in four different directions!! Lea and Gary making sure Dick does the right thing!!