Miscellaneous Photo's - 2000

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Christmas 99

Lea, Mum and Di with Ben (1 month) Mum and Ben The boys with their toolboxes - presents from their cousins The boys with Cameron and Hayden and their new waterpistols - big then - small, 12 months later!!

Pine Island - the local swimming hole - Canberra

Anais, Luke, Adam, Matthew, Amber, Cameron and Jake

Anna Bay, visiting Mum and Dad

Ben at the beach Ivan and the boys in a hire boat Matthew Mum in the boat - scared shitless as soon as you go near the throttle!

Snow trip with the Dawson's and Kent/Michelle

Amber Luke and Ben Kent, Amber, Michelle, Jake and Luke at the snow - note the Tiger scarf around the snowman!!! Adam, Lea, Ben, Ivan and Matthew

Gary Castleman's 40th birthday bash - Mildura

Adam An elderly looking Gary!! ;-) Gary and April Matthew

The boy's 5th birthday - Oct 2000

Dawson's and co Tim and Di, and co

Miscellaneous stuff - 2000

Adam doing a bit of painting Amber with Ben Anais with Ben Benny Boy Auntie Cheryl with Ben
Matthew, Amber, Jake, Adam and Luke at Cotter The band.. Ben in his Jolly Jumper The boys on a horse The Ritch kids
Hayden, Cameron, Matthew and Adam - Cheeeese Matthew and Tommy having a snooze.. Adam, disturbing Matthew and Tommy having a snooze..