4WD Photo's - 2003

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Yengo State Forest was our first trip - here's a rocky little road that we found all by our selves!!

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Stockton Beach is only an hour from here, and right on Mum and Dad's back yard - so we keep going back ;-)

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We did a two night trip with Todd, Lyndell and Kyiah out the back of the Blue Mountains. First night we stayed at Sunny Corner near Lithgow. Second night was out the back of Sofala which is an old mining town

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In March, we all met at Todd's for a night at his bar, and got up early to get on the punt at Wiseman's Ferry. Had a great day doing the Yengo Track, Old Settlers Trail from Wollombi to the Putty Road, and the fire trail back to Wollembi. A beer at the pub (or two), and we moved up to our accommodation (Cedar Creek), which is a 500 acre vineyard and was beautiful - can fully recommend it. Next morning, we got ourselves up to Stockton Beach for the day, with the Canberra team not getting home until 0130!!

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